Miami Snow Machine Rentals

Snow Making Miami

Our Miami South Florida Snow Making Machines brought to your location year round. Have fluffy white snow in Sunny Florida 365 days a year with Florida Snow Machines.

If you need an over the top event, we offer real and evaporative snow effects with unsurpassed service. We make real snow on your site, whether a business, home, hotel or any venue capable of enjoying our show effects. If you need something extra special we can provide a full service Winter Wonderland Theme Party.

Our real snow machines are fully equipped, self contained machinery, which can blow crushed ice with high-pressure air to produce snow. We offer real and evaporative snow throughout Florida and nationwide: snow slides, large snow globes for photo opportunities, real snow made from ice, snow made on site, evaporative snow machine rentals, snow made from ice, snow for special events, snow promotions, snow themes…

Contact us via email, web form or call us: 877-55BIRCH and we’ll be happy to assist you with your blizzard needs!

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